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At the heart of direct marketing is developing relationships with the right audience at the right time. PPC Management, or Pay Per Click Management, is a valuable part of any marketing effort both for the exposure to your target audience and the critical audience intelligence a good PPC management campaign provides.

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Goal Setting

Determining the conversion goals and expected ROI are important pillars for a successful advertising campaign.

Keyword Research & Account Structure

Structuring you account & Targeting the right words for your business or cause is fundamental.

Social Media

Each channel requires different setups and the content should be adapted to each audience. Understanding each platform and their potential for you is our job.

Dedicated Account Manager

There is always the same person managing your account. This way we avoid information gaps and achieve consistent results.

Transparency & Efficiency

Access and reporting for each campaign is important for feedback and on-time adjustments.

Landing Page Optimization

Driving payed traffic to a sub optimal page makes no sense, we make sure the funnel is ready for traffic and conversions.

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Here are some of the most asked questions and answers when we start talking about PPC and Digital Advertising

Targeting ads is essential to the success of paid search. You can target specific demographics including age, gender, jobs, interests, and specific geographical areas. As well as targeting these factors, you can also target them in combination with other segments – making campaigns specific and customized to specific audiences.

Bids are determined one by one, depending on a number of factors including competition and quality score, the CPC varies because the cost is always a discounted price from your maximum CPC, meaning you only pay the least amount required to beat the ad rank of the nearest competitor.

At the beginning, keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to the campaign (your product, service, cause or brand) – and more specifically – relevant to the ad group. Then by selecting each match type, including exact, phrase and broad match. Keywords can also be determined by a Keyword Planner, a tool that gives you keyword and ad group ideas from historical statistics and performance predictions of keywords.

It takes around 7 – 10 days to get a campaign started. This is dependent on a number of factors including the campaign you want, the amount of ads needed, whether your website landing page matches the ad copy and your past account performance.  You also need to have a set budget and KPIs in mind before beginning your campaign in order to track your spending and measure ROI.