What do we do

The beginnings of Wishing Spiral go back to the world of Nonprofit fundraising, we started the journey in PPC Marketing (Pay-per-Click) several years ago and from the beginning we have put special effort in helping all types of charities. As experts in SEM, we know that the correct management of the Google Ad grants always gives amazing results by increasing online presence, improving the quality of the web traffic and achieving the proposed objectives, whether it is amount of donors, volunteers, direct donations, merchandising sales, etc.

How we work


Ad Grants Application

We work individually with each Non-profit to create the perfect application for Google Ad Grants. So far, 100% of our applications have been accepted by Google. Learn more about the process

Define Objectives

While we wait for Googles approval, we work on the campaign strategy. We identify topics, keywords, "KPIs" and also review your Google Analytics to measure the progress of the marked objectives.

Draft, Approval & Launch

We do an in-depth investigation of keywords, write multiple ads, specify the desired audience or area and implement the appropriate strategy, always following the Google parameters. When we receive the approval, the campaigns are automatically activated.

Monitoring and Optimization

We continually review progress and metrics to optimize and expand campaigns in the right direction. We inform you weekly about the performance and make the necessary changes according to your new campaigns directives or temporary objectives.

You have questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a meeting.

The complexity of the Grant

The cost-per-click (CPC) with Ad Grant has a maximum of 2 dollars and due to the competitive nature of the Adwords auction, the biggest problem to use the $ 10,000 per month is to get the clicks. Nowadays, a click in the health sector costs (2018 Wordstream):
In addition to this restriction, the Ad Grants account also has to comply with these requirements and some more

The solution

We created an extensive list of keywords and phrases focused on decreasing cost while maintaining relevance with long-tail keywords. Domains, ad scripts and keywords are continuously monitored to ensure that we are always inside the parameters of the Ad grants program. This way, we avoid the competition by achieving a high quality score, CTR (click-through ratio) and a good volume of conversions.

Our approach

Long "Keywords"

Long keywords capture search intent in a better, more effective way. They are cheaper and tend to convert better than shorter, generic keywords. All these make them ideal for a Nonprofit marketing campaign with Ad Grants.

Dynamic Ads

We dynamically generate content for text ads with the intention that they always serve the correct information for each search. High relevance helps us achieve a high CTR at a lower CPC. As a result, you will receive more quality traffic.


Conversion quality and maximizing quantity are the final goals of each campaign. For this, we establish specific web conversion tracking to ensure correct attribution. The strategy of maximizing conversions helps us bid on the established maximum of $ 2.


We use Adwords maximum potential to achieve and maintain the objectives of your Nonprofit. With retargeting we serve ads to the audience that has already shown interest to ensure a high conversion ratio and maximum ROI.

Want to work together?

At Wishing Spiral we take care of everything from the application to the execution and optimization. + ROI Guaranteed.

Simple pricing

Special prices for Nonprofits

Fixed cost and low preparation, no credit card required, just a simple contract with a fixed rate. Quick responses and modifications included.

Commissions only in e-commerce or achieved donations

We understand the nonprofit budget, that's why we only charge commissions based on the success of the campaign, when the results can be translated as donations or sells.

Positive ROI. Always.

After many years working with Adwords we can guarantee a positive return on investment with Ad Grants. Always with follow-up reports and optimizations.

You can count on us

Apart from the management of PPC Campaigns, we can assist you with web analytics, SEO, localized campaigns, training and creation of "landing pages" that convert.

Start growing with Ad Grants and Wishing Spiral

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